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Delicious Food & Specialty Drinks

Specialty Drinks

Egg Coffee image

Egg Coffee


Salted Caramel Coffee image

Salted Caramel Coffee


Creme Brulee Coffee image

Creme Brulee Coffee


Ube Coffee image

Ube Coffee


Pandan Coffee image

Pandan Coffee


Coconut Coffee image

Coconut Coffee


Sugarcane Coffee image

Sugarcane Coffee


Strawberry Milk image

Strawberry Milk


Matcha Latte image

Matcha Latte


Green / Black Iced Tea image

Green / Black Iced Tea


Food Dishes

Pork Spring Rolls image

Pork Spring Rolls


Crab Spring Rolls image

Crab Spring Rolls


Banh khot image

Banh khot

Vietnamese Mini Pancakes


Bun cha ha noi image

Bun cha ha noi

Grilled Pork Dish


Bun bo hue image

Bun bo hue

Beef Noodle Soup


Pho bac image

Pho bac


Pastries & Desserts

Almond Croissant image

Almond Croissant


Ham & Cheese Croissant image

Ham & Cheese Croissant


Variety of Macarons image

Variety of Macarons


Pumpkin Cheesecake image

Pumpkin Cheesecake


Chocolate decadence  image

Chocolate decadence


Wagyu cookie image

Wagyu cookie


Whip Dolce image

Whip Dolce


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